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in-house marketing.

Recent Upgrades


Upgrades like these don’t happen by chance. Strong marketing strategies and agile teams achieve these results. The Family Knife helps make that possible.

We’re proud of the work we collaboratively produce with our clients and the results they’ve been able to deliver and sustain. Learn more about these upgrades and how you too can see results like these.

The Family Knife Specialties


We work with leaders to define challenges in measurable ways and build smart plans that will deliver results.


We integrate with your team to collaboratively build marketing elements and move them to market.


We support your team as they continue to implement and optimize the strategy through one-on-one coaching and strategic counsel.

We are built on a collaborative principle: working together, using your deep institutional knowledge, and building on your team’s insights and ideas. When your company’s voice and vision are at the forefront of the effort, and our expertise in marketing management guides the process, great things happen.

Get to know The Family

We help businesses upgrade their marketing by doing more in-house.

Working together, we build effective marketing strategies that tie operational goals to marketing results—reducing costs and improving outcomes—all while building institutional knowledge and in-house capabilities. With this approach, your team can grow, adapt, and deliver real results in the short, mid, and long-term.

We’re THe Right Fit If:

You're ready to make real, meaningful changes. Changes in how you and your marketing team work, what you work on, and how you accomplish that work.

You're working for the long-term. There are no silver bullets, and success is a process. But we'll get you there, together.



The first podcast dedicated exclusively to helping you do more in-house marketing. We cover topics relevant to owners, managers, team leads, and up-and-coming marketers.


We dig into the history of marketing, key insights into marketing principles, and campaigns that changed the marketing landscape.


Our monthly newsletter provides a round-up of marketing insights, opinion pieces from The Family Knife, and updates on the world of in-house marketing.