We help businesses do more marketing in-house, and more effective in-house marketing, with the team and resources they already have.


What We Do

At The Family Knife, we provide Strategic Marketing Counsel and In-house Skills Development, so you can do more marketing in-house, with the team and resources you already have.

We’re the right fit for you if you want to increase profit, reduce outsourcing costs, and build institutional knowledge and capacity.

Our Specialties

We specialize in regulated industries, and organizations held to high public account, to strengthen internal marketing capacity and capabilities.

We provide:

Strategic Marketing Counsel so you can make your in-house marketing more effective, more profitable, and more you.

In-house Skills Development so your in-house marketing team can be more knowledgable and effective.

Our Marketing Guidebook, an all-in-one marketing plan and reference manual that can be referred to for years to come.

Our Approach

Beginning with in-depth research, we work with you to develop a marketing strategy that can be implemented or maintained by your in-house team.

Through our Strategic Marketing Counsel and our Marketing Guidebook—an all-in-one marketing plan and implementation guide—we will build your team’s capabilities and capacity so that they can do more effective marketing, and continue to build institutional knowledge in-house.

We continue to work with you throughout the implementation of the marketing strategy, and we provide on-going counsel and support so that your team can grow and adapt to changing circumstances.

What does The Family Knife mean?

Why In-house Marketing?

Our Strategic Marketing Counsel and Marketing Guidebooks have helped businesses improve the effectiveness of their marketing, reach their goals, and save hundreds of thousands of dollars in outsourcing costs.

By doing more marketing in-house and incorporating our skills development into your team, you'll build institutional knowledge and expertise. Your team will be able to think long-term and build value for your organization that can grow for years to come.

By doing more marketing in-house, you'll save money on outside costs, and immediately start implementing more effective marketing techniques. That means more profit, quickly.

“They are deeply invested in the journey of inspiring excellence in marketing, always seeking the essence of the brand. The Family Knife model works!”

— CHRIS LARSEN, Maritime NHL’ers for Kids

Leadership Team

Joel Kelly, President
Strategic Marketing Counsel and Development

Joel leads strategic marketing counsel and planning and facilitates team training and professional development sessions.

His background in marketing, copywriting, and leadership and management helps our clients create marketing that works and marketing teams that succeed.

Joel's experience in senior management, having built teams with dozens of direct reports, helps our clients upgrade their teams' skills and abilities and make daily improvements and achieve long term results.

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Leah Sanford, Vice President
Implementation and Operations

Leah leads the implementation planning and tactical roll-out for our clients, as well as operations for The Family Knife.

Her extensive experience executing complex plans and events, in large organizations with thousands of employees and small companies with limited resources, helps our clients confidently put plans into action and get more things done, quickly and effectively.

Leah’s background in public relations and community engagement helps our clients implement tactics that succeed and get the right kind of attention and sustained traction.

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