A different approach

The family knife integrates with your team to build capacity,
break down road blocks and get the work done.

Plan. Deliver. Measure. Train. Complete. The Family Knife team is here to help you achieve your marketing goal, and build the capacity within your team to carry the work on long-term. We become an extension of your team for a short while, then seamlessly transition the project to the team so you can own your success.

Sometimes you need a little extra help. Sometimes you need fresh eyes on the challenge or perspectives on the brand. We help identify solutions to your challenges, break down or work around obstacles getting in the way of doing your best work, and implement the plan so the work gets done—on time, on budget and done right the first time.

Beyond the work itself, we’re here as your biggest supporters, cheering you and your team on when you need that extra push. Because everyone needs that cheer at some point.



Building a plan that works for your business

Our Marketing Guidebooks focus on achieving clear, measurable, revenue-based goals for our clients.

Instead of outsourcing your marketing to a team that doesn't understand your brand, your customers, or your competition, we provide you with the right tools and knowledge to create marketing that's more effective, more affordable, and more you.



A few of our Clients:




Proven Results

The formula and format behind our Marketing Guidebook has helped businesses increase revenue, accomplish their goals, and save hundreds of thousands of dollars.

Long-term Value

By doing more marketing in-house and incorporating the guidance from a Marketing Guidebook into your team, you'll build institutional knowledge and expertise. Your team will be able to think long-term and build value for your organization that can grow for years to come.

Increase Profit

By doing more marketing in-house, aided by the structure and strategy of a Marketing Guidebook, you'll save money on outside costs, and start immediately implementing more effective marketing techniques. That means more profit, quickly.

Your team’s ability to capitalize on opportunity is core to your marketing, so our Guidebooks are also teaching tools so you can better plan, execute, measure and adapt going forward.




Finding your WAY through the marketing wilderness


Great marketing requires a constant dual viewpoint—the big picture and the smallest detail. Often, it can get hard to see the forest for the trees though.

That challenge is resolved with The Family Knife Marketing Guidebook—a comprehensive strategy, plan, and tactical outline that gives you the research, ideas, tools and examples you need to do get the work done efficiently and effectively.



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