Trust your team and try them out


Wish you could get more marketing done in-house, without outsourcing every new project that comes along? You may have more resources at your disposal than you think.

There may be team members right in front of you ready and willing to take on more responsibility, but they need to know it’s okay to step up and ask for more responsibility.

There are a few reasons employees might not be working to their full potential:

  1. Fear of rejection: The last time they came to you with a new or radical idea, how was it received? Criticism at the wrong time can keep someone from sticking their neck out again. When your team comes to you with ideas, accept them graciously and with enthusiasm, and they’ll learn it’s okay and encouraged to try harder and do more.

  2. Fear of peers: Nobody wants to be seen as the “favorite child”, so putting in extra effort and building a relationship with the boss can put them on awkward terms with their peers. Remember to compliment (or reprove) employees in private, not in front of their peers. The only things said to a group should apply to the whole group, not just to individuals.

  3. Fear of unappreciated work: You can’t expect your employees to do more work and put in more effort than their peers for no extra reward. Even if your organization has rigid rules around promotions and pay bands, you can still reward outstanding employees in other ways. Letting them spend more time on professional development, or giving them the choice of their work or assignment can be simple ways to provide rewards for extra effort that both increase productivity and improve the employees’ work experience. Something as simple as a Thank You card at the right time can do wonders for motivation and morale.

Your team may have a lot of untapped, extra potential that can be unleashed on your next project—they just need to know it’s supported and encouraged.

Remember that not all employees want to put in extra effort—they may be there to get their job done and go home—and that’s okay. Reward the ones who want to stretch out a bit, and continue to support and encourage the team members who like the structure and style of their current position. Different working styles add variety to your team and their work lives, and make your team more dynamic and interesting.

There’s hidden potential in every team to take on new challenges, improve existing processes, and create new opportunities. It’s up to leaders and managers to be open and encouraging to make it happen.

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