5 Online Tools and Resources for In-House Marketers

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Does your team make their own social media graphics, videos, or ads—or do lots of online research? These online tools and resources could be helpful!

1) Canva.com
A go-to for social media marketers the world over. Their attractive, easy-to-use templates and simple editing tools make creating social media graphics much easier—and faster—than traditional image editing tools. 

2) Lumen5.com
You've definitely noticed an aesthetic taking over online videos. That's largely because of easy tools like Lumen5. It makes turning blog posts or scripts into engaging videos (like the one on this page) a breeze. 

3) FancyHands.com
Need an extra hand to do internet research, proof read a document, or make phone calls? The assistants at FancyHands can save you hundreds of hours a year. 

4) AskWonder.com
When you need more in-depth research done, look to Wonder. Their researchers scour public sources and compile data to provide actionable insights on things like competitor analysis, market sizing, and product reviews. 

5) Squarespace.com
Even if your company already has a website, you can use Squarespace to house content that doesn't otherwise have a home. And you can host landing pages, contact forms, and create offsite blogs. Their templates are easy to modify and responsive out of the box. 

Do you have any tools or resources you can't live without? We'd love to hear about them