5 Best Podcasts For In-House Marketers


At The Family Knife, we believe no one knows your business better than you do. So who better to handle your marketing than you?

If you’re looking to expand your in-house marketing, improve the effectiveness of your efforts, or help bring more team members on board, we’ve got the podcasts for you!

We’ve rounded up our favorite podcasts—including our own new podcast—that can help you feel confident taking control of your in-house marketing.

1) The Science of Social Media

Buffer, the social media management platform, hosts an excellent podcast to help you keep up with the current state of social media. Finding it challenging to stay up-to-date with all the changes in social media and how you can be making the most of your efforts? The Science of Social Media will help you stay on top of this ever-changing ecosystem and extract value for your business

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2) The Team Success Podcast

Shannon Waller from Strategic Coach hosts this insightful show about making your office teamwork more successful and satisfying.Topics covered include how to get your team to embrace new ideas, how to reward your “backstage” team members, and how to hire the right team members.

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3) ReWork

ReWork is the podcast by the makers of Basecamp, the popular project management app. This podcast covers important topics like how to make hiring more fair and effective, how to manage remote teams, and why some businesses are going Facebook-free.

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4) Build Your SaaS

The creators of the podcast hosting platform Transistor.fm have created an honest, open-book podcast where they share every detail of building, launching, and promoting Transistor. This radically transparent podcast covers topics like when founders should pay themselves, how to successfully market an app, how to create affiliate programs, and whether to hire specialists or generalists.

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5) The Marketer’s In-House

Finally, we believe our own show, The Marketer’s In-House, is the best resource for in-house marketing teams. We cover topics like how to manage teams of marketers, how to get more done in-house, and how to create more productive relationships with your agency partners.

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Do you have any great podcasts you’d like to share with us? Let us know on Instagram or Facebook!