The Family Knife Case Studies — Fall 2017


Marketing is 90% work, 10% glamor. Like dramatic fireworks, the spectacle you see is just a fraction of what goes on behind the scenes.

We all love a dazzling ad campaign, but it's only one part of a company's marketing for the year. The rest of the work — the newsletters, social media management, media relations, website updates, stakeholder presentations, special events, swag, sponsorships, and customer service — makes up a marketing team's day-to-day.

As marketing work is increasingly brought in-house, marketing teams are being tasked with more and more things to develop and deliver, all while trying to plan for the future.

Over the past six months, The Family Knife has worked with a group of incredible clients, with goals and plans for their organizations that we are thrilled to be a part of and to help achieve.

From making email signatures to launching international brands, we're helping companies take control of their marketing. See how below, and contact us if you'd like to do more of your marketing in-house, and do better in-house marketing.

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GoBumpFree is a booking platform for airline employees and retirees offering an industry-first: free bump protection on last-minute bookings. Meaning, if you get bumped from your flight (airline employees fly standby with their free passes) you won’t have to pay hotel cancellation fees on top of it all.

Our Work

When we started with GoBumpFree, they were finalizing their new booking engine, over which marketing had little control. We needed to focus our efforts on every touchpoint on the customer journey to make sure we got more airline employees aware of GoBumpFree, on the website, and signing up. We became their entire marketing team, creating print advertisements, demo videos, sales collateral, contests and promotions, and an international industry trade show launch in Madrid, Spain.

The Results

  • 500% increase in daily sign-ups within two months
  • International media attention
  • More than 80% of trade show attendees in Madrid signed up on the spot


“The Family Knife became our marketing team when we needed one most, as our new platform was launching and we had the opportunity to make a big splash. And as we continue to grow, they handle all our day-to-day marketing so that I can focus on the business and our customers.” – Donna Lavallee, CEO, GoBumpFree.

Mindful, the media company

Screen Shot 2017-11-22 at 11.21.22 AM.png

Mindful, a media company operated by the non-profit Foundation for a Mindful Society, is dedicated to increasing the momentum of mindfulness in society. Through engaging, science-based articles and regular, free meditation practices, Mindful helps everyone from school-age kids to seniors apply mindfulness to lead more balanced, less stressful lives. As a non-profit with a small internal team, covering absences, taking on new initiatives, and creating longterm strategies can be challenging.

Our Work

Beginning with covering a parental leave for their Digital Audience Development manager, we grew into becoming the digital lead on their first annual Mindful30 fundraiser. We have developed newsletters, written copy, maintained the website, and consulted on marketing and advertising for various departments within Mindful. We have become an extension of their team, continuing to take on more projects and cover absences so the organization has the resources to grow and develop their audience and their brand.

The Results

  • Successful first annual Mindful30 fundraiser
  • Highly valued employee was able to extend their parental leave
  • Uninterrupted reporting and website update schedule
  • Added additional resources to Business Development, Audience Development, and Editorial teams.


“The Family Knife has helped us do more this year than we thought possible, and they’ve extended our team’s capabilities and resources so that we can grow our audience and make longterm plans for the future.” – John Sheehy, General Manager, Mindful, media company.



We work with agencies small and large to increase their team’s skills and abilities, and help them grow or improve their service offering. Our agency clients are leaders in their fields, or looking to take on additional opportunities, and want the tools and training to
grow their businesses.

Our Work

We have helped a media agency’s staff learn how to use Google Analytics (the entire agency now has their Advanced certification), develop more robust ROI reporting with attribution modelling, and more accurately track conversions with Google Tag Manager. For a brand and advertising agency we designed, planned, and hosted a two-day marketing positioning workshop which began with an overview of their business and ended with a clear market position the team felt passionate about. 

Teams of One


As marketing teams have shrunk, the responsibilities have only grown. Often, marketing managers or CMOs are teams of one (or two or three), trying to do everything from putting out fires to planning next year’s major campaign. And writing the weekly newsletter. And answering customer service questions. And updating Instagram. And fixing the website.

Our Work

Sometimes you don’t need more staff, you just need more help. You need someone to talk to or run a crazy idea by. You need someone who knows how to add the new logo to your website without breaking the template. You need someone else with marketing experience to vet your latest campaign to make sure you didn’t miss something important. The Family Knife has come up with campaign strategies, vetted advertising ideas, and answered technical questions via email, text message, and phone call whenever our clients have needed our help, no matter how small or urgent the job. 

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Interested in working with us? Send us an email at or a text at 902-430-5898.