Holiday Gift Guide for Marketers

It’s the most wonderful time of the year! Offices are merrily decked out with ornaments and garland, there are red and green sprinkled cookies everywhere, ugly sweaters abound and people are just happier in meetings. And just when you think everything is ho-ho-ho, you hit a humbug: what are you going to get that Marketer in your life for a present?

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Fighting Analysis Paralysis

“Analysis Paralysis” is a common enough term, but what does it mean, and does it affect your team and your results?

As marketers, we’re always searching for the new platform, the new trend, the new perspective—and with media options essentially endless, we can find a niche market everywhere. So much so that we can always be looking, always be evaluating, always calculating the “best time” to make a move. But you can very easily fall into the trap of over-analysing.

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3 tips for hiring marketers

Hiring staff is always a challenge, and with the high costs of training and potentially replacing a hire, it often feels very high stakes.

We’ve built and led marketing teams large and small over the years, and we help our clients find the right marketers to join and grow their teams. If you’re currently looking to build out your marketing team and want some extra support making the right decisions, please get in touch.

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The Value of Constraints

One of the biggest challenges for any in-house marketing team is to continue to grow and innovate year-over-year but with the same budget and resources as last year.

These constraints can often feel insurmountable, but they may be your secret weapon. 

We often think of constraints as things that hold us back. However, the truth is actually the opposite—we need constraints to achieve our full potential.

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Writing a Communications Plan

A communications plan is valuable so long as it’s an actual plan. Make it about what the situation is, what is going to happen and who is involved.

If your friends asked “what your plans are for Friday?” you wouldn’t launch into a lecture on historical Friday night plans, how those trends are impacting your decision making process today, and what variables in the city are at the moment that are affecting you. You’d say what your plan is and the rational/pitch for it, “We’re going to Sarah’s for a Marvel Movies marathon and I need to swing by the grocery store for snacks on the way. Tyler’s place? No, it’s got the bigger TV but his couch is garbage and we want to be comfy. I’ll pick you up at 7:30?”

That’s the plan, the rationale, and the tactics in four sentences. Simple stuff. Take this approach with your communication planning and you’ll be on a good path for a plan that is actually, a plan.

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