Case Studies

CBC East Coast

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CBC is Canada’s national broadcaster, and their Atlantic region wanted to build a closer connection with their local audience, especially younger Atlantic Canadians, and profile all the amazing programming being produced here at home.


In collaboration with CBC, The Family Knife:

  • Helped develop a community engagement strategy including a new Instagram profile for the East Coast provinces

  • Worked with CBC to plan, create, and launch the new initiative

  • Helped create measurement criteria and KPIs for the initiative

  • Helped build internal processes to allow for the successful maintenance and growth of the initiative internally without the need for ongoing external support

This collaboration led to the successful launch of a social media channel dedicated to engaging a newer, younger audience by creatively showcasing content and partnerships that live outside of the news and current affairs line up. Strategically, it offered a nimble, cost effective and accessible way to promote East Coast content and creators. Creatively, it offered a new canvas to think outside the box and do things unexpectedly to establish relevant connections with a younger generation.


  1. Launch of innovative community engagement program focused on a new audience

  2. Internal process for long-term growth

  3. Strengthened connection between the CBC brand and local young creators and influencers

Insurance Bureau of Canada



Insurance Bureau of Canada Atlantic wanted to be up-to-date on the conversations happening online around important insurance legislation in order to adjust their messaging to answer key questions and better support consumers in a sea of mixed messaging from stakeholders.


  • Conducted an exhaustive examination of the online conversations about insurance legislation, including social media, industry and stakeholder websites, message boards and groups, and more

  • Provided deep analysis of the sentiment and tone of the conversations and crafted suggested messaging strategies to answer key consumer questions

  • Provided ongoing support and guidance to internal team members as they navigated through the challenging industry atmosphere


Through this collaboration, IBC was able to understand the context and conversations around insurance legislation, and the ever-changing public sentiment surrounding products and policies. Based on this understanding, they were able to create messaging strategies that more effectively addressed consumer and legislative concerns.

Nova Doors and Windows

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Nova Doors and Windows wanted to reduce their marketing costs and increase results by measuring the effectiveness of their current efforts and creating new digital marketing strategies.


In collaboration with the company, The Family Knife developed:

  • A new digital ad strategy for the company

  • Measurement criteria and KPIs for success

  • A content strategy and dozens of ad variations

  • An analysis setup to ensure continued growth and optimization

  • Training on digital marketing, Google AdWords, and Facebook advertising

Through this collaboration, Nova Doors and Windows was able to identify their cost-per-lead and increase their online lead submissions by triple-digit percentages.


  1. A 321% increase in referrals to the website

  2. A 183% increase in Lead Submissions on the website

  3. Significant reduction in overall marketing costs and increased understanding of what works and where they can find the most marketing value


The Foggy Goggle



The Foggy Goggle is a neighbourhood pub serving up delicious drinks and comfort food with attitude. They wanted to establish themselves as the go-to pub for the local neighbourhood and professional community.


In collaboration with the company, The Family Knife:

  • Strengthened organic, online brand visibility through design restructuring, copy revisions and search engine optimization of the website

  • Developed a social media strategy that could be implemented by key staff

  • Established a visual identity that showcases the true essence of the brand across all platforms

Through this collaboration, the Foggy Goggle has seen not only seen increases across all of the online platforms, including an increase in positive reviews online, but they have also seen a corresponding increase in sales.


  1. A 127% increase in Social Engagement

  2. A 206% increase in Social Referrals to the website

  3. An increase in earned media mentions and profile articles