Marketing Guidebook


See how one of our customers increased their sales by over 70% this year

If you have a new product launch, recent employee turnover, ambitious sales goals,  or another marketing challenge, we will prepare a Marketing Guidebook that will show you how to create effective marketing in-house to meet your goals. 

Our business is on track to increase our sales by 70–80% this year. If it is positive results you want, do yourself a favor and call The Family Knife.
— Richard P. Moses, President, Deseret Home Improvements Limited


Why a Marketing Guidebook?

  1. Proven ResultsThe formula and format behind our Marketing Guidebook has helped businesses increase revenue, accomplish their goals, and save hundreds of thousands of dollars.
  2. Increase Profit: By doing more marketing in-house, aided by the structure and strategy of a Marketing Guidebook, you'll save money on outside costs, and start immediately implementing more effective marketing techniques. That means more profit, quickly.
  3. Long-term Value: By doing more marketing in-house and incorporating the guidance from a Marketing Guidebook into your team, you'll build institutional knowledge and expertise. Your team will be able to think long-term and build value for your organization that can grow for years to come.

Ready to get your Marketing Guidebook?


What a Marketing Guidebook includes

  • Research and Business Review: We perform in-depth research on our customers’ business, products, and industry to determine market sizing, competitive forces, and marketing patterns.
  • Target Market Selection: Based on the Business Review, we select the appropriate target market for their business or product, and show our rationale based on market sizing, competition, and operational advantages.
  • Positioning: We identify the market positioning for their business—the most important element of a marketing program—that identifies the place in the competitive set their business or product should occupy, and the messages that will most appeal to their target market based on this competitive position.
  • Marketing Strategies: We provide example strategies, including advertising campaign concepts, branding and identity recommendations, public relations and social media campaign concepts, and other strategies that will be immediately effective.
  • Implementation and Control: We work with our customers to determine the current resources and team members that will execute marketing tactics, as well as any external partners (video, photography, etc.) that can provide additional support. We also identify the specific metrics we will use to determine the progress and success of the marketing efforts.
  • Tactical Recommendations and Examples: We provide a tactical schedule and set of examples for their team to execute, or for specific external partners to perform, based on their current internal capacity and budget. We provide templates and instructions so that they can immediately start rolling out tactics into the market without any additional budget.

We've helped our customers save hundreds of thousands of dollars on outside costs, increase the effectiveness of their marketing, and generate increased sales and revenue.

If your business has the potential to grow, and you want to do more effective in-house marketing, we'd love to chat.


Transformative Marketing GUIDEBOOK

Start doing better marketing immediately, with the strategies, tools, tactics, and examples you need to do more marketing in-house.

In addition to what is included above, in creating your Marketing Guidebook, we will:

  • Work closely with you to learn about your business, products, and customers, as well as your vision, aspirations for the company, and nuanced elements that will help bring your brand personality to the forefront in the Guidebook and market
  • Guide you through marketing and positioning exercises, questions and concerns
  • Connect you with other marketing resources to help you strengthen your skills and confidence to carry the work forward


Marketing GUIDEBOOK + Tactical Roll-out

Extra support so you can roll out more tactics more quickly without additional staff or resources.

We will provide you with all of the above marketing strategy documents, as well as  one-month tactical roll-out support after delivery of the Marketing Guidebook, providing you with:

  • Detailed tactical schedule and required creative assets
  • Advertising creative templates
  • Newsletter copy and creative templates
  • Website updates and copywriting
  • Copywriting and graphic design examples
  • Social media content calendar and examples and templates for ongoing use
  • Templates and creative examples for any other tactics proposed in the Marketing Guidebook


Complete Marketing Success Package:
Marketing GUIDEBOOK + FULL Tactical Roll-out
Starting at $20,000

A turn-key solution for all of your marketing challenges.

We will provide you with all of the above marketing strategy documents, tactics, and templates, as well as develop all of the:

  • Creative assets
  • Marketing materials
  • Social media content
  • Website/microsite
  • Media plans
  • Press releases
  • Media pitches
  • And any other marketing implementations necessary to complete your rebrand, launch your new product, grow your market share, or accomplish your other marketing goals


Let's talk about how your business can do more marketing in-house, and how you can measure, adapt, and improve your marketing every day.






With your Marketing Guidebook, you will be able to create more effective marketing, including:

  • Website content
  • Brochures and sales materials
  • Social media content
  • Digital and traditional advertisements
  • Newsletters and promotional emails
  • Videos, podcasts, and infographics
  • Press releases and media pitches
  • Investor presentations
  • Trade show booths and conference presentations

And any other marketing tactics that will grow your business. Do more in-house, with the team and resources you already have.


  • Saved hundreds of thousands of dollars on contractors and media fees by doing more in-house
  • Quadrupled new member sign-ups
  • Decreased their Cost-Per-Acquisition by more than 90%
  • Successfully launched first-ever fundraising campaigns
  • Learned how to administer their own Google Analytics, Tag Manager, and Adwords
  • Created their own videos, print ads, social media content, contests, and more
  • Sponsored and attended international trade shows and conferences in the U.S., Canada, and Europe without hiring additional staff


Let's talk about how your business can do more marketing in-house, and how you can measure, adapt, and improve your marketing every day.