Holiday Gift Guide For Marketers

It’s the most wonderful time of the year! Offices are merrily decked out with ornaments and garland, there are red and green sprinkled cookies everywhere, ugly sweaters abound and people are just happier in meetings. And just when you think everything is ho-ho-ho, you hit a humbug: what are you going to get that Marketer in your life for a present?

Or worse yet: you’ve drawn a new employee for Secret Santa and you don’t know them well enough for a gag gift yet! How, how! will you possibly come up with the perfect gift for someone who is ahead of the trends and has the gadgets or someone you know basically from their LinkedIn profile and odd cafeteria-run-in?! 

Turn to your trusted partner, The Family Knife. We’ve created The Marketer’s Gift Guidebook. It’s a go-to for special gifts for your special marketers.

(We’re not making a commission on any of these — they’re just things we like!) 

What: Fancy Hands

Why we love it: They are time-saving magic. 

What it is: You can’t give time as a present, but you can give time saving tools! Fancy Hands is a virtual secret weapon in the battle for more time. They offer a set number of task requests per month for a small fixed price. You can get them to do those pesky tasks clogging your to-do list: making reservations, scheduling meetings and appointments, tracking down the best price for an item or service, or even doing your online shopping—a team of helpful assistants will get whatever needs doing, done!

How to give: Fancy Hands has an easy-to-use gift page right here.

What: Field Notes

Why we love it: It’s Secret Santa Perfection, pocket-sized.

Field Notes, those little brown pocket notebooks, are as celebrated for their utility as their rustic-inspired aesthetic. Perfect for jotting down some quick notes or planning an ambitious campaign, Field Notes’ form factor ensures there will always be one in a pocket or bag. They’re the perfect stocking-stuffer or Secret Santa/Yankee Swap item. And if you want to give something with a little extra pizzazz, check out the latest limited edition, Clandestine, a matte-black notebook inspired by codes, cyphers, and espionage. Ouu la la!

How to give: Visit their online store, or Amazon.

What: Baron Fig

Why we love it: We believe competition is good for any market, and Baron Fig is positioned as a lovely alternative to Field Notes. They also make great stuff that’s perfect for Secret Santa.

What they’re all about: Baron Fig makes “tools for thinkers”—including their own wild notebooks, pens, and even backpacks. Their lightweight aluminum pen, the Squire, was recently named the Best Overall Pen by New York Magazine’s The Strategist. (We add this last note because we didn’t know Pen was a category of competition, and now that we do, we’re enthralled and need to share this fantastic fact! If you’re going to give a pen as a gift, give an award-winning one.)

How to give: They have an excellent page just for gift ideas.

What: Elwood Pens

Why we love it: We love a good pen and story.

These are beautiful, hand-crafted pieces of practical art. In one small, perfectly crafted package you get: a great writing tool others will notice and be envious of, support for local business, and support of social enterprise. It’s the gift that just keeps on giving! 

How to give: Check out their Facebook page for details and store location.

What: “It Doesn’t Have to be Crazy at Work” by Jason Fried & David Heinemeier Hansson

Why we love it: It’s a great book.

Modern work life has become chaotic and demanding; there is an ever-increasing load of stuff to deal with. Emails to reply to. Notifications to process. With all of these distractions, when do you fit in doing the work? The duo behind the acclaimed project management software Basecamp offer an alternative in their latest book: build slowly, choose calm, and be transparent.

How to give: Visit the official page or Amazon.


What: “The Man Who Sold America: The Amazing (but True!) Story of Albert D. Lasker and the Creation of the Advertising Industry” by Jeffery L. Cruikshank & Arthur W. Schultz

Why we love it: We seriously can’t get enough of good books. This is a must-read for history fans and marketing folks.

If you pop-quiz a marketer on the industry giants, you’ll hear Bill Bernbach, Howard Gossage or David Ogilvy. But our world is much older than these folks. This compulsively readable biography of Albert Lasker, a titan of marketing, fascinates and inspires, offering not only a history lesson on the origins of some of today’s oldest products and brands, but knowledge and insights about the business that are still applicable today.

How to give: Amazon

What: Hover

Why we love it: speed and simplicity for the domain hoarder in your life

Fact: Marketers are full of ideas—about things to do for their clients, or to take their company to the next level. To give homes to all of these ideas, they register a lot of domain names. That used to take a lot of time to do, and organization of the domains was less than ideal. Enter Hover. This service offers hundreds of extensions in just a few clicks! No longer are we tied to .com, .ca, .net, .org, .edu, and their various permutations!, anyone?! Search, secure, organize—it’s all made simple with Hover. You are.welcome

How to give: If you’d like to gift someone a domain name, Hover recommends you send them an email and they’ll help coordinate.


What: “Ugly Is Only Skin Deep: The Story of the Ads That Changed the World” by Dominik Imseng

Why we love it: We weren’t kidding. We love good books, and this is another gem for marketing nerds who want to learn from sources other than traditional “business books.”

Ugly is Only Skin Deep is an in-depth look at the history of what may be the greatest ad campaign of all time. (So good that a copy carefully removed from a vintage magazine hangs framed in our office.) Doyle Dane Bernbach’s famed series of Volkswagen ads, which ran from 1959 until the early 1970s, promoted a charming and intelligent style of advertising. The Volkswagen is not the car for everyone, the ads stated, but maybe it’s the car for you

How to give: Amazon

Happy Holidays!

We hope this Gift Guidebook helps you better navigate the winter-wonderland-wilderness of holiday shopping for the marketer in your life. Yes, you could buy an Amazon gift card for them—but where’s the love in that?! Give them a gift that shows you get them as the rock-star marketer, domain-hoarding, book-loving, note-taking, best-pen-in-town-owning family/friend/colleague they are.

From our Family to yours, happy holidays!