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See how one of our clients increased their sales by over 70% this year with a Marketing Guidebook.

What can a Marketing Guidebook help with? A new product launch, recent employee turnover—backfilling temporary gaps or searching for the best new fit, community engagement goals, ambitious sales goals, or better inter-department collaboration on shared goals. Our Marketing Guidebook will set you on the best path forward with the right strategies and tactics for your challenge and show you how to continue effective marketing in-house to sustain the results over time.

Our business is on track to increase our sales by 70–80% this year. If it is positive results you want, do yourself a favor and call The Family Knife.
— Richard P. Moses, President, Deseret Home Improvements Limited



Proven Results: The formula and format behind our Marketing Guidebook sees our clients achieve their marketing goals. Read our case studies for detailed examples.

Increase Profit: By doing more marketing in-house, aided by the structure and strategy of a Marketing Guidebook, you'll save money on outside costs, and start immediately implementing more effective marketing techniques. That means more profit that stays in-house, quickly.

Long-term Value: Building institutional knowledge and expertise. It’s critical for long-term success—and it’s something only an employee can truly understand about your customer, your culture and your brand. With our Marketing Guidebooks, your team will be able to think long-term and build value for your organization that can grow for years to come.


What does a Marketing Guidebook look like?

Our guidebooks are designed as strategic teaching tools—akin to a wilderness survival guide. Because sometimes, marketing can feel like your wandering through the forest searching for the best path forward.

The guidebook breaks down the core components of a strong plan—desires and goals, strategy and implementation—and provides illustrative examples to get you thinking differently about your challenges and ideal approach. It then dives into the details, providing research and rationale, goals and metrics, strategy and tactical implementation recommendations, as well as tips on tools and resources that will make doing the work easier and more efficient.



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A Comprehensive Marketing Guidebook will enable you to start doing better marketing immediately, with the strategies, tools, tactics, and examples you need to do more marketing in-house.

In creating your Marketing Guidebook, you will receive:

  • Research and Business Review: We perform in-depth research on your business, products, and industry to determine market sizing, competitive forces, and marketing patterns.

  • Target Market Definition: Based on the Business Review, we help define the appropriate target market for your business or product and show our rationale based on market sizing, competition, and operational advantages. 

  • Positioning: We help articulate the market positioning for your business—the most important element of a marketing program. It defines the place in the competitive set your business or product should occupy, and the messages that will most appeal to your target market.

  • Marketing Strategies: We provide example strategies, including advertising campaign concepts, branding and identity recommendations, public relations and social media campaign concepts that will be immediately effective.

  • Implementation and Control: We work with you to determine the current resources and staffing available to execute marketing tactics, as well as any external partners (video, photography, etc.) that can provide additional support. We also identify the specific metrics we will use to determine the progress and success of the marketing efforts.

  • Tactical Recommendations and Examples: We provide a tactical schedule and set of examples for your team to execute, or for specific external partners to perform, based on your current internal capacity and budget. We provide templates and instructions so that you can immediately start rolling out tactics into the market without any additional cost. 

Package B: Pocket Guidebook

This is a smaller version of our Marketing Guidebook, designed to address a specific and immediate challenge. Pocket Guidebooks are training tools, and can cover needs such as small website development for an online store or annual report, social media advertising support, analytics training, and/or short-term writing support.

Package c: Marketing GUIDEBOOK + Tactical Roll-out

This package comes with additional and longer-term support so you can roll out more tactics more quickly without additional staff or resources.

We will provide you with all of the comprehensive marketing guidebook elements, as well as one-month tactical roll-out support after delivery of the Marketing Guidebook, providing you with:

  • Detailed tactical schedule and required creative assets

  • Advertising creative templates

  • Newsletter copy and creative templates

  • Website updates and copywriting

  • Copywriting and graphic design examples

  • Social media content calendar and examples and templates for ongoing use

  • Templates and creative examples for any other tactics proposed in the Marketing Guidebook




Let's talk about how your business can do more marketing in-house, and how you can measure, adapt, and improve your marketing every day.